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Published on July 24, 2017 (Updated on August 25, 2018)

Super Loot Addon

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I really enjoyed this add-on. It was challenging, as all the mobs had so much health and the spiders could one-shot, but was extremely fun and enjoyable as you got so much overpowered loot. This definitely my favourite ad-on I've downloaded so far. Well done!!!!
wate no it works
it was enjoyable me and my friends really liked it but there is 1 problem I found, T-T ALL of the mobs had like a million health it took almost half of a stone sword just to kill 1 skeleton. plz fix. T-T other than that it is one of the better addons I have
Guest-9312474153 May 13, 2020 at 9:56 pm
I'm trying to edit this add-on. May I know the damage is equivalent to health or 2 damage equals 1 health
Can you upload another add-on with only the trident effects? I love the tridents!
how do i tame parrots
Impressive! However, at late game, I don't know why the mobs' behaviors seems weird. They don't seem hostile anymore. Why is that???
Very good add-on. But exactly how much health does the mobs have, I really need to know please.
Its ok but i want the mobs to be back to normal its way to hard in survival
Or either your just bad
Orangepotato maybe you are a bigger loser
I love this addon it makes me have fun playing regular survival with a greater challenge but there are a few things I think that either should be slightly nerfed this is including the spiders being a mob that basically 1 shot but I like that! I think for the rate of its great drops its hp should go down by 50 or so. (I actually tweak my versions because of this reason)
Does this still work 1.8 ?
Can we get an update without the one shot spider
This is similar to the Astronomic expansion pack it uses unused flower codes :)
This Add on is to much OP