New Super MarioCraft [16x16]


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i get an error when i try to install
When I applied this pack, it said I would not be able to play online with friends! When I switch back to another texture pack, that error goes away. Please fix!
its normal dude bcoz this is a copy of the texture pack u get in the super mario mash up thats only available for nintendo switch and the mash up is made for singleplayer
YA it won't let me put stuff in my hot bar (inventory) in creative from the creative inventory
Autistic_Chicken_Goose November 10, 2018 at 8:20 pm
I can't equip or put anything in my inventory...
I tried loading it but it doesn't work,im using
downloaded it on ipad and set up a creative world but it will not let me put items/blocks into inventory. any help?
There's like, 10 million super Mario texture packs on this website.This is the best one, tho the addon might top this..
/give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"neow5001"} That is what I’m doing but it is not working
Type /give @s [Item] [Item number]
Help me plz
I have pocket edition but can I do it on a iPad
Hope it's fun ??
yoshies arent fixed on mine
What in the world is this a duplication pack of?
Check each worlds recourse packs folder for a copy of it, or maybe you just have the older version still... Somehow..
"Duplicate Pack Detected" I looked in my Resource Packs folder and the Pack wasn't there. Any ideas?
Try checking each world's recourse packs folder for it, or maybe you still have older version somewhere... I don't really know.
New update coming soon guys (in like a day or 2)
This will include:
Fixed Yoshi's
Custom sounds for the villagers
And also any untextured blocks will be textured in future updates