Super Mega Dropper [Minigame]

Installation Guides

Here is the link for update 2 if you can’t get past https ://www. mediafire. com/file/numa2e56x3hhwp3 /SuperMegaDropperUPD2 .mcworld/file remove the spaces
Hey! Amazing map! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it and made a video of our reaction and gameplay. If you'd like to see it, search "Minecraft: THE SUPER MEGA DROPPER!!! - Custom Map" on YouTube!
EDIT: link to this minigame for those of you who couldn't with adfly:
www. me /file/q0erzoizh5 oq25h/SuperMegaDropp erUPD1.mcworld/file
copy paste the link and erase the space
This has been ngl the best dropper i've ever gotten on MCPEDL. It's so fun to play and i can spend hours playing ont this thing. Great job to the creator!
I downloaded this minigame 2 years ago, and the adfly thingy worked just fine. I saw that alot of people ahd trouble downloading it so i tried it for myself. And the downloader website the adfly took
me to Now doesn't work at all. heres the minigame file for y'all to download instead:
NICE TRY!!!! MTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The site owner or admin needs to force a direct link to the actual file. The links presented here redirect to malicious websites and at least 3 sites containing ads. This is an unacceptable security risk given that these files are presented to younger folks who might not understand this sort of stuff.

Here's the link to the actual file for those who don't want malware/viruses:
I downloaded this three years ago, and now I’m downloading it again. This map is so well made and has so much content. It’s such a blast to play through. The only thing that could make it better is if it was an mctemplate file. Maybe I can find a way to convert it into that.
In order for you to get to the file, keep blocking when it asks for your notifications. Even if it keeps saying it, keep blocking. The reason for this is it goes to different pages saying the same thing. Why? It'll help the creator gain more money. However, if the user has no knowledge about these websites, they are most likely going to go to some malicious site that isn't supposed to be visited. Please be aware.
both tabs say click allow to blah and i click deny and nothing happens
Change the number 1 to 4 on the press allow page
Hey me and my friend have just started a series on your map! XD
it keeps leading me to malware sites when I attempt to download the .mcworld
Thats the whole point of droppers?