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Published on May 05, 2018 (Updated on May 05, 2018)

Super Villager Bros. (BETA Version) [Minigame]

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Maybe you should make noteblocks play The Super Mario Brothers Theme song.
So many ppl like it! just so many bugs
Uh, first of all, as soon as I try to swim, I’m immediately respawned back to the start, and as soon as I finish level one, I’m forced to do it again. There’s no way out of it.
Awsome map, I can't seem to find the command block that's endlessly setting me to adventure mode, I found you map admin panel but pressing the enable gamemode c button doesn't seem to do anything (unless I already done too much damage)
The endlessly setting to adventure is under a Redstone torch.
this map so cool. make more of it
This is good stuff.
This so good
1st COMMENT! Great Map 10000000000/10 rating
Yay I get to play these villager games. I really wanted to play one even if there’s no pc. But now thanks for making it
Can u make other options for tardis not just police box
Sorry posted on wrong one meant for tardis page