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Published on September 20, 2016 (Updated on September 20, 2016)

Surgeon Simulator [Puzzle]

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The Map Download Was Removed From MediaFire :(
The download was removed by google cause of violation please fix
I like mcpedl but you need to put more info and more ways to download
Hey does this map work for 1.4.2 ?
If it does I will play it and upload to youtube
Yet name: Danna_3581 ( minecraft profile )
Viruses was spelled wrong good map though
This is a great map But it is hard as well. Great for people who like challenges.
This is the beast map
Justanormalminecrafter June 19, 2017 at 1:58 pm
Too hard I failed 5 times and I had to re download the map 5 times make it easier
Can you make another one like in the pc version with a shop and bigger puzzles
Why did you place TNT and pressure plates under the patients? Every time i was trying to play everything was blowing up!!!
Pls make redstone creatation map
Really fun but please say theres TNT because I blew up someone because of the TNT. Also some of the door wouldn't open even though I placed the blocks
Whenever I go to the first level there is TNT and a block lands on it and the patient blows up. What should I do??
The angel with a shotgun January 28, 2017 at 5:04 pm
I do not know! XD
When I'm done operating I decapitate them and remove their legs XD
I love surgeon simulator maps. I hiper someone makes more. I will play it.
I have made a Surgeon Simulator 2. You can check it out if you want!