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Published on March 19, 2018 (Updated on May 03, 2018)

Survival Bingo [Minigame] [Survival]

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Great map everyone should get it ???
Once I beat my friends, then they learn my skills, THE BEAT ME ALWAYS! I broke my screen because i was so mad!
I'm Glad!!!! :D
I love this map !???
How would you complete this..... If you can do it in less than an hour, You r a hacker, 2 hrs and ur a god, 3 hrs and you are amazing, 5 hrs and you r a pro, 12 hrs and you r great, 24 hrs and ur good, 2 days and you just suck.-.
Sorry, I'll try to simplify it in future updates :(
God, this is very hard i doubt it you can't finish it on one day non-stop.
Hopefully you'll still enjoy it- I'll try to make it easier in a future update
Editor Can you plz Make a realllyyyyyyy scary horror map with alot alot of jump scares,that would me so much , plzzzzz make one you can call it No escape
The Editors don't make maps, they just upload other peoples :)
Hey Gona, I noticed that that the star wars addon hasn't been updated in a long time. Please update to add say, AT-ST's or flying vehicles.
Omg like bingo have it in real life