Published on July 14, 2020 (Updated on July 14, 2020)


This is an update to a map already accepted by MCPEDL. 

In the original version, none of the new biomes and features from the Nether Update were available. Thanks to some world editing software, this is no longer a problem. I have also used this software to reset the majority of the explored overworld to an as generated condition. 

This update (v2.0) is exclusive to MCPEDL.

I have used Blocktograph to reset most of the overworld on this map (apart from the Fortress build). As a result, any mines, caves and near by in-game structures have been reset to a pristine/unexplored state.

I have also used Blocktograph on all the explored areas of the Nether. As a result, all the new biomes and features from the Nether update are available in this map.

Besides the above, the change-list is as follows.

*Lots of landscaping

*A double row of trees planted outside the Fortress walls to camouflage the Fortress.

*New hardened exits at the base of most of the towers.

*Torches have been replaced by Lanterns throughout the build.

*Cosmetically improved main gate and main walkway leading to paddocks and house.

*Balcony built onto house.

*Redesigned portal with Blackstone and Stone brick.

*A custom written book on a lecturn containing useful information.

   In the Nether

*New biomes and features

*A simple portal base and staging area.

*linked cobblestone pathway to one of two Bastion Remnants.

*Linked cobblestone pathway to Nether Fortress.

*Second very intact Bastion Remnant that the player will have to clear/create a path to (co-ordinates provided). 

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This has to be one of the best survival maps That I have seen I a while. Keep Up the Good Work!
Thankyou. I've enjoyed building it so far.
Great job! I can tell you worked hard and you did it all with no cheats! Thank you for making this it really helped me earn achievements more!
Thanks for downloading it. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I didn't realise this map would help people earn achievements more easily....i guess that's a bonus. ? ?
Another thing, this is made in survival or in creative?
Are achievements enabled?
Cheats have never been used in this world so achievements should be available.
Yeah, just noticed the updated world about a minute ago so, by all means, disregard the comment I posted on the other world about 3 minutes ago haha
It's not a problem. I have answered your comment there though. Thanks for the feedback.
¡Me encanta!
Gracias. Me alegra que te guste.
Only i see the images and i want to download.
The download link is there. I don't know why it's not visible to you.
Sorry, that i want to say, its a very good map.