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Published on October 28, 2016 (Updated on October 28, 2016)

SurvivalPlus Addon

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Can you please tell us about the other features
Make the wolves slightly smally they are a bit too big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You should make it to where you can only ride the wold with a saddle, it makes it more challenging/interesting
It's definitely interesting
I like this add on, but could you please include the other "secret" features because I didn't find anything else
it's a good add-on but loses its function of Sit and Stand
You just have to crouch before you try to make the wolf sit/stand.
Uhhhh How Can You sit Your Wolf Cause I want to sit my wolf but the mount button I see there
U gotta crouch
Also there's a bug where the bow can't do any damage while riding a dog
This is a great add on plz add more
How do you make the wolf sit? When i hold it I just mounted the wolf and doesnt make it sit.
I hope the update for this one would include a fast moving wolf and new textures for the wolf itself :)
The cow and the size of the wolf is ok but when I am on the wolf and I hold a raw or cooked mutton in my hand, he don't go where I want.
Right click with a cooked mutton to boost the Wolf!
How do you mount a tamed wolf