Swarm Craft [Moth Bee (Mythical) V1.1]

Have you ever played the game Bee Swarm Simulator?  This is Swarm Craft! where Minecraft meets Bee Swarm Simulator. With some features are very similar to Bee Swarm Simulator so you will understand how to play and be the best in no time. This add-on does not use the player.json in anyway so you are free to use it with other add-ons!

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Swarm Craft V1.1 Update Log


Add a new Mythical Bee - Moth Bee

New players will no longer need to interact with a Honey Bear to get the starting gear, this will be given automatically when starting a world

You can now purchase a new Bee Hive from the Honey Shop for 2000 Honey

Adjusted the Honey Bears Spawn rate

Fixed an animation error with the Hive

Fixed the rarety of Bees from the Hive

Fixed a Texture Error within the Hive

Fixed a texture error within Soul Bee


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Way too hard to progress ive been playing for an hour+ and still haven't left from the starter bee
Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator ?
Minecraft Bee Swarm Simulator ?
Bears dont actually eat honey they eat the larva from the hive so we are the only ones who actually eat the