SWAT Addon

Many people like SWAT or police cars, so if you want to drive a SWAT Truck and fight for justice? Then you are at the right place! 

This Addon includes one SWAT Truck  (more updates will come) that you can drive. 

Arrest bad people and fight for justice! Or just drive arround the Minecraft world

The SWAT Truck has seats for 2 persons.


Chest included: 

How to get: 

You can type /summon s:swat_black to summon it. 
Find it on the creative inventory under the name: swat

                                  Your personal Bodyguard:



Two SWAT soldiers are your personal Bodyguards and protect you from the terrible monsters in the Minecraft universe. 

How to get the Soldiers? 

Through  the creative inventory

OR: with /summon soldier:human

What can they do? 

If you tame/pay the soldier, they will act as your personal Bodyguards and protect you from all the mobs. 

The soldiers use a gun to protect you. 

How to tame/pay the soldiers? 

Just give them some gold and they will follow you everywhere.

But if the soldier gets killed by zombies, he will turn evil and try to kill you.


Attention !

The Add-On is still in Beta, so there could be some bugs. If you find some bugs please report on the MCPEDL comments. This is also my first model, so feedback is appreciated.


If you do not activate experimental Gameplay, it will not work!

If you want to look like a SWAT member, get one of the SWAT Skins from my SkinPack
SkinPack: MCPEDL Link 

I created the Model with Blockbench. Visit Blockbench

Planned Updates: 

  • Helicopter
  • guns
  • more cars/trucks

Every download supports me to continue my work and update the Addon.
Thanks for everyone downloading my Addon. 

By: CaramelKingdom (Enderboy HD 1) 

Select version for changelog:


Bug fixes 

  • the Swat Truck spawner will not make your game lag anymore
  • removed a duplicated gif from the descpription 


Before complaining and asking how to install the Addon, watch our YouTube Video!

Here is a help video for Pc: Help Video  

Here is a help video for IOS: Help Video IOS


by downloading the Addon through Linkvertise, you will NOT get a virus. Maybe your antivirus will detect it as an adware/unwanted program because of the ads, The ads can be declined.

You can check Linkvertise here: Visit Linkvertise
Check the Linkvertise articel that explains that there is No virus: Visit blog

No need to pay, to get the Addon

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.13 / 5 (8 votes)
How the fuck do I download it. You just added a picture of it and that's it!!?!?.

Lame. How the hell do I even credit you with this
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Will you updating this addon?
Did the major upadate will come?
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When will u update ur addon and add the wait/follow feature for tamed guards???(like in wolves) and how much RAM do we need ??pls do reply??TIA
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Can you make the guns 3d
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Anyone finding this umm just turn the file zip and use quick look to look in the zip and press share to minecraft and thats it
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Any plan on adding planes???
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This addon is great for my city map :D even trough it's in early development
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Why is the download a .exe format?
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Can u tell me how to download it. I donnu about the website
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Taking you a few weeks to make a player skinned entity damn is it that hard leme guess next update is gonna be next week and all you will add is a follow and stay command for the swat soldier. Heh lazy
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Dude he's giving us free content so stop complaining
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Can you make the file to mcpack or zip because i am on xbox and can you also add 3d guns like scp does please great addon.
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I can help u with that, send me ur discord id
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I don’t know if the previous kinks work but for me, this one is broken. Even though other addons that have used linkvertise has worked. Could you please look into this
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I'm not like linkverstise
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cau you pls add a gun that i can use ???
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cmon just use adlyfy its better than linktervise i cant even download the mod
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I Think linkvertise is better than adfly
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