Sweet and Candy


SWEET AND CANDY is a Minecraft GUI/ UI Texture Pack.
This pack will alter the appearance of the game.

The background, buttons, and several icons have been redesigned.
The GUI will be transformed into a lovely one filled with love.
Changes to the hunger, health, and experience bars, among other things.
It can be used as a Global Resource or as a Resource Pack.

More information is provided below, and if you enjoy it, please consider supporting me.

THX! -zadro0

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update to 1.19

  • new android trailer
  • new android example
  • new included/edited graphics:
    • gui.png;
    • achievements.png




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THIS IS SO CUTE! I LOVE IT! The only problem i found was with the crosshair. There's a big distracting line above the plus.
I redownloaded the bedrock version and it still shows the line, sorry i didnt specify which minecraft had the line XD
hmm, tested again no line across the crosshair maybe you have to delete the pack under "appdata" and install new