Published on January 26, 2021 (Updated on October 21, 2021)

Sweet Maid Outfit | v4

-Sweet Maid  Maid Neko Outfit-

ever wanted to be a cleaner or maid in your minecraft world? well here is the new package called sweet maid outfit,Enjoy this cute little pack that modifies all the armor and be a good servant or nice person with this suit or texture

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oh how beautiful you look wearing this I hope and you look good here I leave you some pictures of how it would look in the game

Old Images ->

-New Outfits

Note: This package is not to offend anyone since any type of person can use it and can use it to their liking since there are people who like to be a woman and well that does not bother me, I also think that that kind of people could also use this texture pack

Also the linkvertise link is safe, you just have to wait 10 seconds for it to let you download it and it does not include activating notifications or extensions

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Great and a little weird this update
includes complete new design of the maid outfit (I think now it looks more like neko I guess)
remastering of the elitras
they changed very little the style of the items
items such as tools, blocks ect ect were removed
and bug fixes

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My cousin just forced me to use this as pvp pack so i did....

But all remastered textures looks great 5/5
Ah perfect.
This is exactly the thing i needed.
this is so cute pls make more ✨
I can't download the mod, could you tell me how please :)
can you please remove the giant rainbow in the sky and make it look like a normal one
could you also add a white version of the door and trapdoor with a heart on it? but keep the heart on the white version? that'd be great =D
These textures are SOSOSOOO CUTTEE!!! It adds a cute touch to the world and so far I have had no bugs or problems. =)
Someday a new design of the maid costume will arrive, it will be even better than the current one, it is only to wait until it is finished, with nothing more to say, see you,ah and very very soon a new version will arrive so stay tuned ;)
just realized there's blushing on it, i have the "you kno i had to do it to em skin"& now im gonna look at myself in third person to see what it looks like lol
bruh i literally dont know whats going on thru the heads of ppl who are genuinely offended by this, even if the orginal description said something like "for girls", WHY would that even STOP YOU from still using it? how would the creator even know?? other than that i like this its pretty cute. maybe people just like using the word offensive or offended lol.
So kawaii I love it 🥰
Also Great af
Furry Is Life lol