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Published on November 23, 2020 (Updated on December 01, 2020)

Sword Variants Addon

Well you as I always wondered why in Minecraft there is no way to craft Diorito tools? Or even stone from the End? Or because when you make a sword out of acacia wood it turns brown? Well that's over, with this Sword Variants addon you can now make swords of all kinds

Link do Trailer:

15 New Swords:

Diamond BigSword - 1800 durability, 10 damage.

Redstone BigSword - 1250 durability, 8 Damage.

Diamonrite sword - 3800 durability, 16 damage.

Tanzanite sword - 3000 durability, 12 damage.

Lápis lazuli Sword - 1100 durability, 6 damage.

Honey Sword - 140 durability, 6 damage.

Bone Frozen sword - 10 durability, 1 damage

End Sword - 3500 durability - 14 Damage.

Basalt sword - 180 durability, 5 damage.

Purpur sword - 1500 durability, 8 damage.

Ruby Sword - 1400 durability, 8 damage.

Uranium sword - 2000 durability 10 Damage

Paladium Sword - 3150, 13 damage


Palladium miners are found in Todo nether up to layer 60

Ziosite ore generates Y 10, in Desert and Mesa biomes

Uranium ore, are generated in the biomes of jungle, swamp and mushroom islands, Y 8

Ruby ores spawn all overworld on Y 16

All ores can only be baked at Blast Furnace

The land of the end found in the end is used in StoneCutter to make shrapnel, with 3 shrapnel you can make the bars of the end, used to make the sword of the end

Swords like Diamonrite and end Sword need sticks stronger than iron, try to craft a Diamond Stick, Nuggets now have functions.

 roasted purpur bones Generate Purpur

Use crystallized honey to make the honey sword.

Special Swords:

Chorus Sword: has 4 damage and has a teleport effect.

Prismarine sword: has 6 damage, 200 durability and with an Aquatic Breathing effect.

Slime Sword: 3 damage, 55 Durability, effect: jump boost

Honeydew sword: 255 durability, 6 damage, jump boost effect

Coal sword: 350 durability, 5 damage, fire resistance effect

Magma cream sword: 750 durability, 7 damage and fire resistance effect.

Some swords you will need to make diagonally, the swords appear in the recipe book, special or strong swords need iron sticks to be made.

Ore swords:

Iron dagger: 220 durability and 4 damage

Gold dagger: 30 durability and 2 damage.

Emerald Dagger: 145 durability and 4 damage

Diamond Dagger: 1350 Durability and 6 damage

Netherite dagger: 1500 durability and 8 damage.

Iron twig: made with 3 nuggets diagonally

Powdered coal: put a block of coal in the stone cutter and get it.

Diamond powder: put Diamond ore in the stone cutter and get

Diamond Nugget: 1 Diamond yields 9 Nuggets

Coal bar: bake powdered coal to get the bars, used to make the coal sword

Scrap Sword: made with Netherite scrap, have 1000 durability and 4 damage.

Quartz Sword: 350 durability and 5 Damage.

Steel sword: 400 durability and 7 damage.

Bake Flint in the furnace and get the powdered steel, yes now it is possible, with 4 powdered steel you can get a steel bar

Moss Sword: 138 durability and 4 damage.

Diorite sword: 140 durability and 5 damage.

Granite sword: 160 durability and 5 damage.

Andesite Sword: 134 durability and 6 Damage.

Ice Sword: 35 durability and 4 damage, grants you 2 more hearts

Cactus Sword: 110 durability and 1 damage.

Sandstone and Red Sandstone Swords,

Sandstone: 132 durability and 4 damage,

Red Sandstone: 145 durability and 4 Damage.

Obsidian Sword: 1650 durability and 8 damage

Put obsidian on the stone cutter to get Obsidian Powder, with 4 Obsidian powder you can make the Obsidian gems used to craft the sword.

Black Stone Sword: crafting diagonally. 150 Durability and 7 Damage.

End stone sword: 170 durability and 7 damage.

Chain knife: 255 durability and 7 damage.

Wire rod: 75 durability and 5 damage.

Tear Knife: 200 durability and 6 damage. (I did not put Image)

the swords of acacia, pine, betula, jungle and darkwood crafting must be done diagonally

Wooden staff: 70 durability and 2 damage.

 Acacia sword: 61 durability and 2 damage 

Spruce sword: 65 durability and 3 damage 

Birch sword: 65 durability and 2 damage 

Jungle wood sword: 80 durability and 3 damage. 

Darkwood sword: 60 durability and 2 damage 

The wooden swords of the nether need not be made diagonally.

 Crimson Sword: 55 Durability and 2 damage .

Warped sword: 20 durability and 1 damage.

 Extras: Rotten meat roasted on the fire makes leather.

 Honey slime are generated in the world Crystallized honey yields 9 fragments of honey.

Select version for changelog:


swords appear on the spades tab in the inventory

Blocks work on normalmente

15 new swords, 5 new mobs, 5 new blocks, 7 new ores, 5 new items


• as espadas aparecem no livro de receitas.

ative o jogo no modo experimental

• espada podem ser encantadas.

• 100 download eu libero um update do addon.

Futuros addons: foodplus, hallow biome.

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3.4 / 5 (5 votes)
Ummm...It doesn't work. I tried everything.
I did EX mode and even without it. Nothing. All the downloads are activated and I have the right version. :/
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you probably didn't install the addon correctly, because I tested the addon about 5 times before posting and they were working correctly, you have to activate all 3 gameplay options and Expremental, the addon has been updated Lara For version 1.16.101 I don't know if it is working in beta, Update your game to 1.16.101 or install Correctly
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I'm sorry but it just doesn't... I literally got rid of the packs and readded it and it DOES NOT work. EVERYTHING is activated.
Sorry man, but it doesn't work- but it looks cool though.
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Hold up, I see invisible item frame in your screenshot. Is that a feature or a texture pack?
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I was using a texture pack that makes item frames invisives
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i tried this addon but nothing changed
no new sword or anything
i appliead behavior pack and resource, is this a bug or this does not work on
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The addon was made in version 1.16.100, it is currently updated to 1.16.101, I don't know if it works in betas.
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When you interact with a crafting table, the recipes for all swords will appear in the cookbook In the Nature tab
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is it possible to obtain these swords from the creative's inventory?
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Swords appear in your game, but for this you need to activate the exl game mode, they appear in the Nature tab, it is also possible to create all
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What is the crafting recipe of the swords? Is it the same as normal sword recipe?
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The crafting of swords appears in the cookbook
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How many swords are there in total?
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Access swords in creative mode and see for yourself
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Emmm 48 total maybe?! in file 48 file sword,and why you use addon maker support 1.16.100?! in me not?!
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I created the addon using Addons Maker yes, and the addon is compatible with version 1.16.100 because it was made in this version
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