Tameable Ravager Addon

Ravager is a big hostile mob introduced in Minecraft 1.14, It spawns as a captain's hostile pet which can badly damage a player, BUT What if you can tame it?

Using this addon pack you can :) once the ravager is tamed it can store your items, you can ride it, it will fight for you, can harvest your farm, can be leashed (tied) to a fence, will run faster than a horse, is no more hostile to villagers or to iron golems, will attack pillagers.


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There were not a lot of changes in the pack, but still here is what I changed:

1.The tamed ravager will now attack other ravagers who are untamed.

2. Added rotten flesh to the healing list (Now you can use it to heal it).

3. Decreased dealth damage (It could kill a mob in just two bites now).

4. Added Diamond and netherite hoes to the farming mode list.

5. Now you can turn the ravager back from farming mode to normal mode using a flint.

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can my friend use this addon in a realms? leaving the credits in the lobby
Nice addon,Update it that two tamed ravagers can be breeded with any cooked food pls
The best cause ravager is my second favorite mob and ravagers can now be my friend thanks for this
The mod is awesome, however can you make an add-on that helps taming the Ender Dragon? I Would love seeing that, thanks alot
Add wandering mode plz
I'm an Edu player and it didn't allow the ravager to spawn for me but it sounded like a good concept overall.
For Edu players, it might be a bit bugged...did you tried to do it again (Use a flint and not a flint and steel)