Published on February 14, 2023 (Updated on February 22, 2023)

Team DeathMatch (Kit PVP)

This game is based on Pubg TDM. There are total two teams (Red and Blue).The team who manage to achieve given points first will win the game or If the game time run out, The highest point team will win. The points can be gained by assassinate the opponent player .In additional you can also choose kits.



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What's New added?

Game Feature Update  include 

  • added Team selection
  • added Timer for (starting and ending) game
  • added access to change Day/Weather
  • added restart game option
  • added a Game Menu NPC in game lobby
  • added a new NPC UI  to game
  • red dye remove from the game lobby
  • Now players kill will display in their game board
  • Portal will now send player to directly in Spector mode.

Note : To access the game setting use the below command

/tag  @s add op

Kit Update include

  • New kit system added, Now players can choose different kit in starting.
  • Safe room is removed instead dialogue box is used for selecting kit.
  • Pillager kit shield now have more health.
  • Archer kit now have more new two arrows slowness and slow falling.
  • Wizard kit has be downgrade now see changes below
  1. 5 x instant damage II -> 1x instant damage II,4x instant damage I
  2. regeneration potion II -> instant health potion II

Hot fixes include

  • fix a game lag for low end devices when more than two players join the game.
  • All the arrows can now be move and drop.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Hello, there is a bug in this add-on. If I spawn a rabbit and gamemode me to survival, it leaves me away. Please fix the problem. Update this in 1.13 beta.
A very solid kit PVP map! Easy to set up and use, and the round info above the hotbar is a great touch.