Published on October 06, 2020 (Updated on October 06, 2020)

Telescope Add-on Beta

Telescope Add-on. This add-on adds a new item called telescope. In the Minecraft Live Event they announced that telescope will be added into Vanilla game. This add-on was made in 1.16 version of the game, in the later version of this add-on I wi add more features.



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(If you want to modify my add-on to your own use you can do so but please don't distribute the modified version. You have to give the original MCPEDL page link.)

(Please only give the original MCPEDL page link)

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The addon looks like it functions well and the textures are good but for some reason it won't work for me. I downloaded the addon I tried crafting it with the recipes going in creative mode to get it and giving it to myself with commands but it didn't work. I checked and the addon was enabled and I tried it with experimental gameplay. I'm playing on 1.16.40 does this only work on 1.16.100?
hi i am working on an addon calle 1.17 update and i added the telescope the texture is different but we do the same thing hahaahha