Published on April 20, 2021 (Updated on April 20, 2021)

Temple Speedrunning Practice

Have you ever tried speedrunning minecraft for yourself and find it difficult? Well, this map helps you in one aspect of speedrunning if you can find it. You can train how to loot the desert temple in many different ways. 

Spawning inside the world, you are outside a desert temple floating in the middle of nowhere to clear players off distractions. The temple is almost accurately recreated to look like a real one, outside it you will find two buttons. One button resets the map if you ever mess up and want to start over again. You have the choice to loot the temple with nothing at all since it is very much possible, but if you want to have the ideal tools you want for a speedrun, press the other button. 

The tools you will receive are a few blocks, a pickaxe, torches for light and a water bucket. There is tnt inside the hidden room just like a real temple so be aware. The loot inside the chests are basically what you would commonly see in a normal temple.

The map is pretty much enclosed in barriers, with a prototype temple nearby that is used to clone and reset the other one. 

Here is a preview video of the ways you can practice looting the temple. 

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Just press skip ad, block all incoming notifications and it will go to mediafire after a minute. Then press the file and import to minecraft. 


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What shader did you use?
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use a media fire link for something thats not that important
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ok bro i can just use 5 command block 2 do this bs
and u just made ur own fing site for adumb map and a adfly
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easy simple im good at it i dont need it but i want it because its fun
Keep it up
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