Terraria Angler NPC

This time I bring you the Angler NPC from Terraria! Custom fisherman, custom fishing with new quest fish, and custom trading! There are also wooden crates that you can get from trading, which contain random loot. Add more fishing fun with this addon!


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Hi there! This acc isn't used anymore. Visit King Creeper Studios for updates for 1.16 add-ons, thanks!
Hi I saw this addon and it looks so sick! I really want to add it to my survival realm w my friends but sadly the mediafire link doesn't work anymore. Is there another way to download it? Also, has it been updated to 1.16 yet? I'm looking forward to your response
Delete the little shit
Trading crashes my game, I am on xbox.
Guys before commenting PLEASE read all the above instructions first. I literally explained how to go through this, all you have to do is follow through. THERE ARE NO DOWNLOADS, just click the articles box and close it that's it. Please stop asking why you have to download anything when it's not even needed
Excuse me but would you mind sending me 1 or more of these textures plz on discord, I won’t remake the add on I just really like the textures, if so then send it/them to @ DinokingChomp4
It’s so I can use the textures for a different add on but not remake the same add on, or at least tell me how u made the exact replicas
The textures are from the terraria site. You can get them there
It says I have to download an app. Could you possibly give me a direct link to it, as I've seen the app before and it's mostly a scam.
It also says above to read and follow the instructions that you have to click the "Discover interesting articles" and not download anything. Don't you read?
Please make a cooked version for all the fish!
There is no cooked version of the fish in terraria.
Actually there is on 1.4
he was talking about quest-fish, no, you cannot.
Ik it's a little diff but is there a possibility that you may make a mana system(and magic weapons) from terraria
Maybe one day, the mana system will be tricky but we'll see
This addon is great but if you could add weapons and tools like the Swordfish or the Reaver Shark or even Duke Fishron as a boss this addon would be excellent
Oh while we're on this topic, why not make the angler defend himself with a frost daggerfish (ranged)? It would be similar to the game.
Why do I have to get premium to download this? If it’s just me,ok:(
But if it’s multiple people please make a direct link to media fire or something please because I’m sure a lot of people would like this
Thank you
Sorry if I seem mean I just want to download your addon but can’t
Nvm sorry
Did you even follow the instructions? It doesn't say you have to download anything, all you have to do is follow the instructions