Testifica Armed Forces Skin Pack

A continuation of my Funiverse Militaries Skinpack! Fight off the Undead and Pillagers with the military power of the Villagers! The Testifica Armed Forces Skinpack gives you access to villager themed military skins including a Troop, Tanker, Pilot, and more! 

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I uploaded this at like 6am and forgot some stuff in the description, that's all.


Supported Minecraft versions

Genial eres bueno en esto de las skins :D
The name of this made me think of Testificate Man from the Element Animation villagers.
Very Good, Nice Skins. But i really wonder how it is possible to assemble a custom skinpack...
I actually have a tutorial for making skinpacks on my youtube channel!
Did you reply just to self promote yourself? Because that's pretty smart.
I mean he wanted to know so I pointed him in the direction of a tutorial that explains everything he'll need to know.
You should make a soldier add-on with those skins
Thanks so much for taking my suggestion!!!
Yo bro how you diong