Published on January 07, 2017 (Updated on October 07, 2017)

Texture Pack Review Map [Creation]

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thanks! can you upload RTX showcase map too? I wanna download it then transform it into java then see how RTX looks like :/
Non riesco a scaricarla
Map is good only but this map doesn't have so many items to review.
I am not gonna complain about your map because it has only good decoration and that it
The Roblox to minecrsft October 12, 2017 at 8:18 pm
Lol so.. Where's my crepper
i dunno where is your creeper oh wait u don't have one LOL
JPlaysPE please make the desbelief map (I am from RUSSIA and my English bad)
I can’t even download it ad fly pops up
Beautiful map!
Plz add a texture review area in the nether like a small nether fortress or something
I don't get it.. It sends me to some random website for traveling.. And the other is Clknsee.. IDK what to click on without getting a virus! Can't you just use mediafire instead of some random site nobody has ever heard of?
Can you make
Hope you Guys like the Map! :)
I haven't yet tested to see of this is really true or not, but it says this is a .mcaddon file in the download. I'm sure it's fine, but I just thought I should mention that.
It is showing me as .mcworld after I downloaded. It's full name "texture-map.mcworld"
yes it works don't click anything and click sixp ad and it works
make a parkour map super jumper