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ThatModPack V1.0.5 (Now Supports 1.16.100)

Are you looking for some fun ?? with your friends ?? survival ??

well, let me tell you this is the best survival addon yet, and it's about to get better with future updates! 

With The Introduction to new ores like copper, silver, ruby,enderrite and more caves are now more interesting and overall more fun. 

and even more, mobs to keep you on your toes like the creeper crawler or the brood mother or even the almighty skeleton master.

looking for custom armor to go with your survival experience but all the other addons replace the armors well no problem this addon adds NEW custom armor so you always have something to craft.

disappointed because no other survival addons have thrilling biomes to go through and say what on planet earth is this well no problem we got that covered so you always have something to explore.

prepare yourself for the time of your lives 


Warning: when equipping custom armor make sure you're not wearing a helmet

To equip custom armor hold the item in your hand and it will auto equip it for you

You Cant equip the armor through your inventory but you can unequip it through the inventory   

Cobblestone Armor   (useful at the start of the game)

gives health boost 1

Copper Armor   (upgrade from cobblestone armor but still not the best)

gives health boost 2

Silver Armor  (upgrade from cobblestone armor but still not the best)

gives health boost 2

Ruby armor   (can protect you from most attacks)

gives health boost 3

and resistance 1

2nd Strongest armor 

Steel Armor   (can defend you against most mini-bosses)

gives health boost 2 

gives resistance 3

Best Armor (For Now)


{The next Update will change how swords work) 

Copper Sword

Durability:  400

gives you strength 1   

Silver Sword

Durability: 705

gives you Strength 1

Ruby Sword

Durability:  700

gives you Strength 3

EnderRite sword

Durability:  2006

(crafted like a normal sword but with enderrite)

Auto Attacks at a range of 3



some biomes and structures are left out because I want them to be a surprise 

Apple Seeds/Apple Bush/twilightmushroom

apple seeds placed on grass or dirt grows an apple bush

apple and twilightmushroom are used to make apple seeds 

Apple Bush Breaks really fast


To craft its a crafting table inside a crafting table

CraftingBench can craft furniture like chairs and tables

Health: 10

Also nameable 

Twilight Biome/TwilightFlys/Survivors

This Biome is very dangerous 

Twilight Biome spawns twilight mushrooms, twilight flys, and survivors 

random lightning strikes every min or so 


Health: 20

Attack: 3

The End

The End Now Has grass and Trees to make it more fun and challenging 

The End Now Also spawns baby ender dragons (further info in mob section)

The End Now also spawns end houses which have 4 spawners and a mixture of loot 

Twilight Camp

Spawns in the twilight biome and has survivor spawners 

SuperDiamondPickaxe (works)

walk into stone or any ore and it will auto break and give it to you

only works in the overworld  can break ancient debris tho  


(mobs next!!!)

Copper ore (spawns in the overworld)

drops copper ingot

not rare

breaks fast-ish

Silver Ore (spawns in the overworld)

drops silver ingot

not rare 

breaks really slow

ruby ore   (spawns in the overworld)


drops rubies

breaks really fast

Steel Ore  (spawns in the overworld)   (found in deep caves)

Very Rare

Drops Steel Ingot

breaks slow-ish

Nethercrystal ore (spawns in the end )  (will spawn in the nether after bug fix)

Super Rare

Drops NetherCrystals 

breaks slowly 

Enderrite ore  (spawns in the end)

Super Rare 

Drops Enderrite Ingots

breaks slow-ish

Twilight Log/Twilight Leaves

Twilight Log can craft twilight planks (like normal planks)

Twilight Leaves has no function yet step from looking cool or decoration 

(More Blocks, Ores, and trees coming soon)


zombie brute/ zombie knight 

Zombie Knight Attack: arrow 

Zombie Knight Health: 100

Zombie Brute Health: 55

Zombie Brute Attack: 7 

Baby Ender Dragon

spawns in the end 


Health: 120

Attack: 8

Also has dive attacks 


Spawns at night 


Health: 150

attack: 3




Health:  100

Attack:  FireBalls


Very Fast 

Only spawns in structures or dungeons 

Health: 32

Attack: 4


Attacks are weak but give you slowness 

Only Spawns on beaches or close to the water

Health: 17

Attack: 4 + effect:slowness

creeper crawler/creeper knight

Creeper knight drops iron helmets 

Creeper Crawler has normal creeper drop

Highly explosive 

advice === RUNNN

Creeper Crawler Attack:  Explode Power 10     Attack Damage 6

Creeper Crawler Health:  45

Creeper Knight Health:   60

Creeper Knight Attack:   Explode Power 5     Attack Damage  3


simular to phantoms 

Eagle Attack:  4

Eagle Health: 15

Owl Attack: 3

Owl Health: 10

Super Charged EnderMan

Spawns in the end/nether/overworld

health: 80

attack:  9

Floating Skull

Mainly Spawns in caves

Burns In Daylight

Attack: 7

Health: 30

Vote For the Next Update !!!!!

1. Mob Update

2. Ore Update 

3. Structure and biome Update

4. Guns Update




I don't mind you guys making youtube videos but pls leave some credits thanks 

Thank you for downloading my addon

Thank you to machine builder for making structures easier 

Credit to machine Builder (video)

I'm sorry mcpedl I can't add better quality images because my pc is a potato 

this update adds beta support for 1.16.200

Superdiamondpickaxe now works like a normal pickaxe for the latest beta 

Select version for changelog:


changed links

accept pls mcpedl 

fixed links for 1.16.100

1.16.100 support 


Have Fun :)

don't click on the ads 

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3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
Its a really good pack i love keep up the good work! but the armor is broken i think so but Good pack!
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if you like this addon make sure you check out my other addon called survival recrafted
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It wont let me equip armor even when I just hold it in my hand How do I do it
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hey thanks for your feedback the armor rn is temporarily broken thanks to 1.16.100 ill try and get it fixed as soon as I can
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Kiki i hate you, i loved your addons untill i readed that (yes i am not too active in mcpedl) you said "well said" to AzolGamer, im not a kid, i have 26 and you are an asshole too, just cuz i said a coronavirus cannon was fun cuz it is actually fun and i don't give power to this virus so i am inmune to it jerk
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I'm sorry I'm gonna try and help you in the argument
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Hey let's sort this out
I'm glad you like my addons
I meant you should be banned from mcpedl I didn't actually read the rest but that's no accuse

I'm so sorry pls don't hate me I wish I can delete that comment it was a mistake
I'm not a good reader I feel really bad can I make it up to you somehow?
want a custom block maybe or something I'm really sorry I truly am
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Just some random kid who likes minecraft October 06, 2020 at 2:52 pm
Can you make the twilight biome more dense with taller trees, think that would look awesome.
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It looks good from the pics but there's one problem, I can't figure out how to download it
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Hi, thanks for your feedback,
on linkvertise you press skip and then it asks you to read articles you click on it don't click the ads and after 10 secs you press the cross and continue then it will redirect you to Mediafire hope that helps
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It looks really good have not tried it yet but I can't wait to try it out and with the voting i would have to choose 3 more structures and biomes i would love to have guns but not till there's enough structures first
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Okey pretty good, but some issues. The twilight looks poo
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Hey, can you name the issues pls?
and there's nothing wrong with the twilight biome
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i can't see, the textures are extremely out of place, the twilight leaves are solid blocks, and the twilight planks can't be used for all things a normal plank can be used for
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Looks good, testing now!
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hi thank you the armor can be a bit glitchy and will remove helmets
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yeah, it aint got pants. Rn mojang aint helping modders much, and armour is pretty makeshift in general. Nice to see a good job at it!
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