Published on July 29, 2017

The Admin Boss Add-on

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nowhere to run.
Pls, this is evil
what kind of addon is this
For anyone new to this addon and wondering why this isnt working, please acknowledge that the addon was created in 2017, as may not function as intentioned.
I want to delete your addon in my resource and behavior pack
The texture is similiar to llama is so bad addon
hahaha you haven't seen what year this complement is XD
The texture is so bad so i don't want give you a star ???
replaced with llama
how do we even spawn it?????
Oh we name a zom by ie commando
I really love this add-on but can you please update it? The admin boss look like a regular llama but with the admin boss texture.
can be killed one shot by the windlight scythe. But rly good
I tried it earlier today, and it is true
This is a good Boss add on!
I don’t know if it’s a glitchy but for me he’s all tannish with a blackish head
Llma guys replace llam
it literally takes 3 thanos gauntlets to kill the admin. that's how strong he is.
I don't know how but some people can make addons that don't replace ANY mobs.