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Published on May 28, 2015 (Updated on May 28, 2015)

The Arabian Village [Creation]

This map consists of a large Arabian temple and small houses which belong to village surrounding it. Everything in the map is built as one would imagine an old Arabian village located in the desert would look like. It's especially beautiful during the night as every single build has been decorated with torches and glowstones to make them emit beautiful lights.

Creator: JoshVs

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(Map name in-game: Desert Build)

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hi mcpedl! i asked josh to continue this project, so can u accept the claim request?
I live in Sudi Arabia And houses in The deserts is more COOL And We dont have a giant temple And We have a bigger place
No monsters spawn in the map even when I put it in difficulty of hard
theres something wrong with the map,but other than that Its a very great arab village map.
Im actually trying to make a wall around the village,5 blocks thick and 20 blocks tall.
Because im trying to make a Babylonian Village
no monsters spawn even in difficulty in this map
How do you download it and get it as a world in my mcpe 0.15.1
Check menus for guides.
can you please do a favor for me ??? I just downloaded minecraft pe 0.11.xx bulid 10 but I really need a block launcher pro for this version of the game...I downloaded about 12 or 11kind of block launchers but none of them work...and the mcpedl is my favorite site... I checking it EVERY morning after my breakfast believe it or not...but now...without block launcher pro I just got watching the new uploaded mods vanishing from the downloading links after time...can you find any BLP that works for me??? :-(
BlockLauncher doesn't yet work fully on 0.11. You need to be patient and way a little.

Edit: I read your comment a little bit too quickly. Thanks so much for saying such kind words, really kind of you! :)

But as I said, 0.11 doesn't yet have a supportive BlockLauncher, you either need to be patient and wait for it to come out.. or you can downgrade again back to 0.10.5 to get the mods.
yeah... you'r right:-)
our houses is not like one of these because iam arabian and I'm from libya by the way...the houses in our desert are more beautiful than what you think and also... we don't have a temples..I mean we are like all the arabic followers in Islam..can you imagine how beautiful becoming one of islam followers? can you?
I didn't mean to claim that all villages there looks like this. But it's clearly that it's been inspired by Arabian villagers if you make a search for "Arabian villages" on Google. ;) Nonetheless, I think it's a beautiful village, don't you?