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Published on November 02, 2018 (Updated on November 02, 2018)

The Beachside Boogie [Custom Terrain] [Survival]

There is a lot to be seen in this map, a lot of tales to be told, and even more fun to have! This map is a tropical paradise for anyone who needs one, but beware of the dangers that lurk below! If you want to influence the future of my map making, help me out here!

Creator: Pdtheyoutuber


  • Different Custom Structures
  • 1 Different Village Structures
  • 122 Possible Custom Tree Types
  • 17 Custom Dungeon Variations
  • 82 Biome Variations

I highly recommend that you use this for minigames instead of survival, as I did not design it for survival. Ores aren't all there, and achievements have been disabled. New dungeon types are popping up from the ground, and these ones are bigger and badder then ever, with better traps, mob spawns, loot, and a bigger explosion if you are unlucky.

I will create you your very own custom terrain map for free! Get a map made! You can also follow the progression of my map series, and see what’s releasing next here.


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Awesome I love It!!!!!!!!!!
Guest-2268190088 May 09, 2020 at 4:14 am
This a pprt of the java map dregora, why are you claiming you made this
Hello, Can I help u make a map? I'm good at making maps! :D (Username: Xx09Shadow90xX)
Hey, I have a request. Can you make a map that is easy to make a city similar to Hong Kong? Like can the land be mostly coastal then after many blocks put up tall mountains and make the map with 0 trees? If you can thanks very much mate
It looks like a scene from a game called dragon quest when mordegon takes over and rhat is the kingsbarrow
Can I use this for a YouTube video if I give you credit?
The terrain featured in this map is from a mod called Dregora. I didn't see it mentioned in the description of the map, so I thought I'd point it out. Here is a link to the mod:
What are the cords for the dungeouns?
Nice, The Best Ive Seen So Far...
It’s not a survival
Your creations are amazing and theirs I like how we can submit things
Oh my god this map is sooooooo nice
Huge floating island for survival
Cool custom terrain!!!