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Published on May 18, 2014 (Updated on May 18, 2014)

The Companion Mod

It just spams me w/ scams, ads and viruses
Where should i put the file after download
Are you the real unspeakable plays? if u r i have subscribed ur channel. keep up the good vidz!
I'm almost positive it isn't the real Unspeakable.
So... DOES IT MATTER!? I BET YOU 4000 DOLLARS ON IT AND YES I REALLY HAVE THAT MUCH (I saved up for 15 years and I am 19)
Only for this reply October 02, 2019 at 12:17 pm
Alright 5 year old
Can you put custom skins on companions????
how can i use this on minecraft windows 10 edition?
Please update this!
Does this work for Minecraft PE 15.0 above?
Does this work for 0.14.3???

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That's a common error. It happens because you are trying to load the .js script before the textures (a .zip file). Try to do the opposite and it will work. Meaning, try to load the textures and then load the js script.
How do I change it's skin. .-.
Does this mod work for mcpe 0.11.0?????
Hey! Does this mod works for minecraft pe 0.11.1?
Don't think it has been updated yet.
How do you craft the companion settings thing?
Every time I try to download the mod it takes me to the App Store. Is there and app I need to download first?
It's for Android.
Is there a companion mod for iOS?
Why do they turn into cows after I Leave mcpe?
Because the mod uses the cow entity to make the companions. Maybe doesn't it make much sense to you but it's usually how most new mobs in Minecraft made (I think!).