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Published on April 17, 2017 (Updated on April 17, 2017)

The Darkened Addon

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The Finest Funnyman May 25, 2022 at 11:23 am
Alright, hear me out, this was the addon of my childhood, and boy did I appreciate it back then.

I wish this Addon was updated to the new versions of minecraft. We could just make this into an entire texture pack and then make a seperate addon that adds new content.. I enjoyed this addon back in 2018, and it DESERVES a remaster
Nearly made me crap my pants!
Was about to go mining, heard a voice in the cave, fuq dis sht im out
You are a very special person for a great day and a very good day
I like it
Looks cool but can I use it in a map!!
You sir, are the master of creating scary add-ons. This add-on was amazing and completely changed Minecraft. Me and my friend had so much fun and played this for hours. Literally! However, there are a few things that are quite annoying or bad.

Sometimes, whenever my friend joins, it instantly crashes on my world. It's getting really tiresome as it happens every time he joins now. Also, the Creeper and the Endermen aren't really that creepy or scary so can you please change them a lot into a lot scarier mobs.

Plus, I really enjoyed this add-on. The music really set the mood. Thanks so much for making it! :D
Love this 99% the other 1% is due to the fact that it always causes the game to crash. I love the whole concept and am having fun playing it until I get to close to the huge spiders or have my render distance to far. I would be really have if you could have make it better for iOS and android so that the game stop crashing!!
No you not first you are third
Crashing like crazy on my galaxy s7. I'm absolutely in love with this mod, but it crashed every other time I did something, like attack a spider, or moved away from my spawn point. Please fix, I want to enjoy it so bad.
Phones may not be able to handle it as well as a tablet or even a laptop (Windows 10 Edition)
Can Snow Golem Be a Soldier Iron Golem? and New Texture and New Behavior ;)
Can Snow Golem Be a Soldier Iron Golem?
and New Texture and New Behavior ;)
XD your next addons should be the whitened. But still have some but not all the mobs from the darkened. Kinda like a peaceful world but there is still corruption in the world. You could leave the enderman like it is in the darkened
Hey I need your help. I want to make this new addon called "New World Order" But I cant seem to figure out how to add nausea or any effects to Raw food. I tried copy and pasting previous effects but I guess its just not that simple enough to do to add those effects to raw food.

Also this addons look down my ally, as long as the mobs don't attack passive mobs like cows chicken pigs sheep. I don't like Any addons that does that.