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Published on October 31, 2016 (Updated on October 31, 2016)

The Darkest Halls (Horror!) [Adventure]

You've been researching a case for months and finally you've got a lead which looks very promising. Ever since that incident a while back you haven't been feeling good about yourself. You can't block out the faces of that poor girl's parents. Everything about it was just horrible. Perhaps this case will both help with anxiety and give you a better reputation among your colleagues.

Creators: The Obsidian Gemstone (Twitter), Cheete (Twitter)


  • Only place redstone torches on gold blocks
  • Set volume to max (100%)
  • Turn brightness down
  • Change difficulty when told to do so
  • Don't break/place blocks

Download (.McWorld)
Download (.ZIP)

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29 Responses

Comments 29
does this work with 2 people?
please answer lol
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Help me how do you get through the first hallway?
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The noteblock in the maze was annoying
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I beat it without dying
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Does th map work with 2 players?
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I love this map
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I Love your games The Obsedian Gemstone! That also goes with all the series u make. Also this looks scary :P
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Nice! I beat it :-P
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Umm I DONT NO WHAt ur talking about cause when I spawned I was FINSHED
Which means I was at the end
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I can't get through the maze part
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This is a good map hopefully there' a part 2 coming out.
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