Published on June 12, 2022 (Updated on June 10, 2022)

The Dumpster House

welcome to my dumpster house world but it has a secret base can you find it? you can use this on any mod but you need to ask the creator though. my brother helped me build some of it his name is anthony. so shout out to him, his username in minecraft is Anthony09307. his mcpedl account is Phantoms16. his display name is THE-PHANTOM. go check out his levels when it gets accepted. he made the redstone stuff. yes i made made stuff too. this is a good safe place but watch out for creepers lol. there is a switch in the dumpster you have to find it. so that's about it so have fun plus good look trying to hide from you friend's. ok that's everything you need to know cya in the next mod.

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Shoutout to damien, the real story is that i had to take a break i made most of it but then he changed everything :( and i made the entrance if u found out how to get inside. and all this things so uh i also made the bathroom he changed it and like all theese things i uploaded theese first but it got declined and damien made his so uh yeah. Go check out mine and damiens Mods/Maps im about to make a mod so yeah
good luck lol i got declined lots of times with this map but i hope it gets accepted
I got declined twice btw im his brother
Make sure to check out my mods/Maps too...