Published on July 03, 2020 (Updated on July 03, 2020)


Welcome to the dungeon. In this map you will face dreams, evil, and the dungeon of skeletons. Rules: play this map in adventure, always day, mob spawning off, max 2 players. This is an adventure map that might be a little scary. Make sure to have the difficulty in normal. You will quickly figure out who the antagonist is...  I hope you all enjoy! I worked hard on this map as this is the first that I used with commands. Make sure to sub to my YouTube.

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can you make a version for 1.12, and if it isn't compatible with 1.12 that fine
Too short.?
Jeez dude. I know it is short, no need to so rude about it
wtf lol hes not being rudy at all lmao
So fun! Please make another map!
Thank You! I will definitely make more maps in the future!