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Published on November 05, 2016 (Updated on November 05, 2016)

The Dungeon Tower [Minigame] [Survival]

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Really nice, even years after its creation it's still an awesome map! Gratz!
So this sounds pretty good but I tried twice to do it and both times I spawned out of the world I will try 1 more time
Really cool map! I could tell that this was inspired by withers challenge by hypixel. I wanted to play withers challenge on Mcpe, And this is very similar. good job!
rly nice map
Why the shop doesn't working pls fix it..
Nice map
Me and other 3 players played it and it was hard and fun.
I liked the map but there was a clicking noise that was making me lag so could you get rid of that
10/10 best survival minigame yet. As I and probably the poster said, you need to turn peaceful mode off in order to play, I made that mistake myself. Other than that, flawless game.
It didn't work none of the monsters spawned :(
dude you need to turn peaceful mode off lol. For some reason it was defaulted that way
Incredible map, have played over 5 times! :D
Awsome map but can you use some command blocks? That would be nice
Love this game. Difficult, which makes it fun! One flaw though, during the boss battle, the wither can blow up the anvils blocking the door so you can get to the end. doesn't really matter, though.
This is so awesome dude
Best map ever I downloaded it two times definetly download
BEST MAP EVER!!!!! KEEP MAKING THESE GREAT MAPS DUDE!!!!!! I have no one to play with.