Published on August 05, 2019 (Updated on August 05, 2019)

The End Biome Add-on

This Add-on adds The End Biome in your game! This biome spawns naturally in the world. Be very careful when walking at night in this biome! Endermans are very abundant in The End Biome, and only spawn at night!


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

How do I download it keeps saying I cannot connect
Can anyone confirm that this works for 1.14?
Could you please do a Nether biome?
OOf its good but I'm sacred becuse it said YOU WIFI JUST GOT HACKED!!!!!
link broken but look like a good pack
The actual End Dimension: Am I a joke to you?
This is a good Addon, So stop complaining. Or build your own for all I care! Just. Stop. WHINEING
An idea: If possible, make end cities spawn in it!
I don't know if this would be hard for you but you should make a new portal including a different mob in different materials for the stuff in the portal in the different thing to light the portal like maybe instead of a flint and steel you need a different type of fire charge and to make it will include a custom crafting I don't know like I said is probably very hard for you but it would be a great add on if you put it on a zip file
I think that for now that is impossible in minecraft bedrock edition
You cant make custom dimensions in minecraft via addons yet
Why would I need an End Dimension in the Overworld though?
For those who say the links broken. Actually try instead of being lazy and idiotic, is ready that hard? It tells you what to do to get the mediafire link, 20 seconds all it takes
We not being idiots the link sends u back to the same page and btw u cant write a sentence properly so yea
add small cities or caves with endermites
Add some Ender Houses or Ender Structures to this biome and Shulkers(very rare) and Endermites naturaly spawning or add new Ender mobs. You can add holes deep to void, like normal End. Your add on is very good idea.
Link for zip is broken.