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Published on April 09, 2016 (Updated on April 09, 2016)

The End City [Creation] [Survival]

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I need the map
But I can't download it?
It says "This account has been suspended".
There's and End Dimension now.
Bye me *is a loner*
You are not alone! I am here too! :D
WAIT A MINUTE!!! THERES A NEW ADDON-BEHAIVOR PACK FOR THE END INSTEAD AWESOME sorry for caps I just found it and found out I CAN download another one, I'll be back again to check if it's fixed though, it's better to have two I guess. ?
Same here, it sends me on "ad fly suspended" and doesn't let me play it (I'm an iOS user and wish to play on this cool looking map plz fix this
Yea I rlly want to play it too I'm an iOS player and every time I try downloading it, it sends me on the website "ad fly suspended" and doesn't let me download it
Please make a mcworld file so I can get this on my iOS device. I really want to play this map, and I am sure many other iOS users want to play this map as well.
Why does it take you to "" every time you try download it?
Wait 5 seconds on that page then click "Skip Ad" in the top-right corner to go to the download page.
Yeah that's fine
Why is it suspended? (The aether map too)
How do you get to it?
Look behind the sword
Cool man!!keep up the great work!!
I know right it looks amazing !