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Published on June 21, 2016 (Updated on April 28, 2017)

The End is Extremely Nigh [32x32]


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hi hello i was wondering if i could make a pvp map with this texture pack
retexture the bow in to a pistol and the crossbow into a shotgun some items aren't fully renamed
like arrows and etc
The reason I don't have a review on this is Its Very good and can be used for some very creative things but If the textures were a tad bit lower res it would help lag But Nice Job Great Texture pack!
This texture pack seriously deserves an update.

More than enough time has passed since the initial release, and there don't seem to be anymore post-apocalyptic texture packs for players of bedrock anymore...just revamped shaders and pvp packs for the most part.
i want an update for 1.9.3.. the version i'm on cuz this was left in the dirt, and i think this pack is awesome
The problem here is that this texture really need some fixing, I would have to manually fix it one by one and it's a tedious task mind you.
ThatOneStupidChicken July 10, 2018 at 1:22 am
Umm... You never bothered to texture the beds and a lot of others. Please fix this.
I have a problem with the bow it doesnt show the rifle. It only shows the actual minecraft bow. Its not only the bow but also some other items in the texture pack. Please help
i like this texture pack but the original texture in pc is different from this version and i hope this texture pack will look like in the pc version cuz the mobs in the pc version of this texture pack is cool and awesome!!
The beds and chests, as well as the decorative item "Steve's head" do not seem to be working correctly.
Omg Thx for upload this ive been waitin so long for this texurepack
Hey, just saying I REALLY wanted to use this for an adventure map creation to give it astetic. but alas, redstone is invisible in this. This little issue caused struggle and ultimately i removed the texture for the redstone part. Thank you anyways.
Editor help!! whenever i go to the decoration tab it crashes my game. Please Editor fix it i really.. really.. want this texture pack
There seems to be a glitch that causes the game to crash whenever I view the decorations tab. Its an absolutely beautiful texture pack so I hope that it is fixed soon.
Can you make this compatable with 1.1?