Published on February 27, 2017 (Updated on August 19, 2018)

The Farlanders Add-on

Installation Guides

please fix the skins and size of the farlanders
Can you make it so that the features in this addon dosen't replace anything?
i wanna get it put when i click download it brings me to add fly :c
can we have this addon be able to change the villagers in betas?Because it dosent change them
making it look weird and they make farlander noises
Also can we get some more replaced mobs like skeleton replaced with the the bow farlander
(farlander guard) please?
Can u use education mode and replace some item or add some endear like things example the ruby doesn’t have to be a emerald but a item from the education mode hope u see this
Can you do fnaf 6 addons?
Where is the ender Lord?
When the rebel farlander gets near the archer endermen the archer endermen go crazy all you hear is bows, screams and teleport sounds.
Can you remove the villagers water hurt thing my ender villagers keep dying out and I’m sick of ender proofing villages
Can you make the guardians not teleport because in the mod they dont and they kill animals too
I hate so much! It never lets me download new resource and behavior addon packs.
My ender minion won't follow me
They don't seem to spawn naturally
Um... they all spawn naturally. Some are rare, but they all spawn naturally.
I mean farlands