The Farlanders Bedrock Add-on

With this add-on we add to our Minecraft new types of endermans, add aggressive endermans that can drop new items and harmless endermans that can sell us new weapons and items, is ideal for playing in survival mode, all mobs will be generated in our Minecraft world. This Add-on is in beta so open new things in future updates.

Add-on created by ArathNido. (Twitter)(Youtube)(Donation)


This add-on is an unofficial remake of the mod The Farlanders with the permission of the original creator, all credits go to Fabiulu ( 


This add-on was published on MCPEDL.COM, it is not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or applications of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator.

If you will review this add-on for youtube leave credits, put the download link from mcpedl and not put the direct download link or create your own download link or you will receive a complaint.

How does it work?

For now this add-on adds 7 new types of endermans, we can all find them in our minecraft world or get them from the creative mode.


They're harmless creatures so they can sell us things like a villager, there are 3 different versions of farlanders.:

  • Farlander (Normal)
  • Elder Farlander
  • Wanderer


  • Health: 20
  • They don't attack to play or monster.
  • They exchange items.
  • Loot: Endumium crystal

Ender Guardian:

They are endermans with a bow, they only attack the monsters they meet, they don't attack the player unless the player attacks them.


  • Health: 20
  • They shoot arrows.


Rebel Farlander

They are very aggressive and we will find them during the nights, they will attack the player if they are found.


  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 4
  • Poison effect for 5 seconds.
  • Loot: Rebel Helmet

Rebel Helmet:


Ender Golem:

They're dangerous creatures which, if found, will start attacking a player and only appear at night.


  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 8
  • Loot: Ender Horn.



They are very dangerous creatures, is a enderman with two heads, will attack the player and only appear during the night.



  • Health: 400
  • Damage: 12 with nausea effect in 10 seconds.
  • They have no thrust.
  • Loot: Ender Horn and Ender Skin.

Fanmade Enderman:

We can find them anywhere in the world even in the end, they have the same characteristics of an enderman the difference is that they can release endumium crystal and ender pearls by killing them.

Enderman Endumium Ore:

We can find them anywhere in the world even in the end, they have the same characteristics of an enderman, with them we can get the endumium pearl with it we can burn it in the furnace to get the endumium crystal.

You can get endumium ore in your minecraft worlds, by chopping it will give the endumium crystal.



We can find them in our Minecraft worlds and we can tame them with apples, having a tamed enderminion will defend the player from enemies and we can equip him with a diamond sword which will increase their attack damage.


  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 3
  • Damage with sword: 12

Mystic Enderman:

The mystic enderman we will find them anywhere in the world or even in the end. They have the same characteristics as a single enderman that at the time of hitting to play will give effect of nausea for ten seconds.


  • Health: 45
  • Damage: 7 with nausea effect in 10 seconds.
  • Loot: Mystic Wand [Regeneration, invisibility and fire_resistance]

Mystic EnderMinion:

Unlike the ender minion they are aggressive and will attack the player and they are not possible to tame.


  • Health: 45
  • They shoot small fireballs.
  • Loot: Mystic Wand [Regeneration, invisibility and fire_resistance]


This add-on also adds new items, which we can get from the farlanders.

Ender Horn:

We can get them by killing a Titan or an ender golem, with this we can create new items that will help us in survival mode.

Ender Sword:

The Ender Sword serves just as well as a sword.



  • Attack damage: 6

Ender Apple:

The Ender Apple works as food even give us position effects.


  • Nutrition: 4
  • Regeneration for two minutes.
  • Resistance for 10 minutes.
  • Fire resistance for 10 minutes.
  • Absorption IV for 10 minutes.

The Ender Sword and the Ender Apple can be created by obtaining the Ender Horn and using these recipes:


Endumium Crystal:

With it we can use it to make exchanges with the farlanders, at the moment it is not possible to obtain it in the mines nor to create blocks of endumium.

Mystic wand:

The Mystic Wand can give us position effects, we can get them by killing a Mystic Enderman or a Mystic Enderminion.

There are only three different Mystic Wands:


  • Duration: 120 seconds (Level 2)


  • Duration: 500 seconds

Fire Resistance:

  • Duration: 1000 seconds

To receive the position effect of the Mystic Wand:

  • Android/IOS: Select the Mystic Wand in your hand and press and hold the screen for a few seconds.
  • Windows 10: Select the Mystic Wand in your hand and press and hold the right mouse button for a few seconds.

Fire Mystic Wand
With it you can shoot fireballs.
You can get the fire mystic wand in the end towers that are generated in the deserts.

Ender Armor:

You can get ender armor with ender skin, to get ender skin you must finish with a titan so that it can be released.

To make the armor you must use these recipes:


In the towers you can find chests inside.


Select version for changelog:


Structures were added:

  • End tower in the desert.
  • Farlanders houses.

Fire Mystic Wand


  • Download Resources .McPack.
  • Download Behaviors .McPack.
  • Apply the packs for a world.
  • Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  • Create the world.

Supported Minecraft versions

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you dont need mediafire link to download this just press the button that said "access with mcpedl (slow) "
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hi creator for some reason the farlanders will become invisible after 5 to 10 minutes they din't despawn i used /kill command and in the death message list i still can see farlanders inside the list.
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