Published on December 17, 2018 (Updated on November 29, 2020)

The Grinch Add-on

With this add-on the grinch will appear in your Minecraft world to steal your Christmas, includes his dog Max and gifts that you can find in your Minecraft world. 

Creator: ArathNidoGamer, (Twitter)(Youtube)(Donation).


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  • The tame bug was fixed.
  • Added animations to Max for sitting, walking and head position.


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How about this?!! I can't download the addon because the linkvertise doesn't work...
I just love this addon it is awesome! I just have one question… why is max invisibles?
No me deja abrir el mundo, tengo la misma versión, el juego experimental activado, los dos packs activados y ni así :(, no sé si me pueda ayudar alguien, porfavor
Aqui vine, soy de un año en el futuro, creo que es la version que usas, proba usar la 1.12 / 13 / 14 de tu epoca o proba esperar un año hasta que salga la 1.16
Ademas ni se te ocurra salir de casa, en el 2020 habrá un virus mortal y todos tendran que mantener 1.5 metros de distancia (los aldeanos de minecraft ya lo hacian) y usar mascarilla y desinfectar todo, por fortuna ya se esta erradicando pero, porfavor no te pongas la vacuna, es peor que el propio virus, ni te dicen que continue. Ademas un juego del 2018, Among US se volvera viral, uno es un impostor y el resto son tripulantes, el impostor tiene que matar a todos antes de que terminen sus tareas sin ser descubierto o sino lo echan de la nave. Puedes esconderte en ventilaciones para evitarlo
2018: Update Aquatic, 2019: Village & Pillage, Buzzy Bees Update, 2020: Nether Update, 2021: Caves and Cliffs Update (Cave Update & Mountains Update)
I keep getting sent to watch the movie grinch
Let me try
Same person, it didn't happen to me
When i summon the grinch im not able to see him any ideas ?
Use experimental mode
Es el mejor juego que he jugado
When you used Google translate to write the post
Dont judge the editor at least he makes awesome add-ons and u dont know if he's main language is english and btw good add-on keep it up.?
The editor doesn't make addons (shocking, right :/). It's probably just the creator of the addon's English, but I agree, don't judge.
Its a character from a doctor Seuss book and now it's a movie.
What is the grinch?
English in this post is just terrible...