The HTTYD Night Fury Add-on

Welcome the Night Fury from HTTYD (How to Train Your Dragon) to your Minecraft worlds!!! There are male and female variants of them. You can also tame your own Toothless! They soar through the Mountains.

Night Furies

The Night Furies have unique features including things from the movie. For example, it can open its dorsal spines when it flies. They have growl, fly, glide, move, sit, sleep idle, and roar animations. The Night Furies also have sounds straight from the movies! They sleep during the day, and attack during the night.

The Night Furies spawn in the Mountains. Although, they are quite rare. They attack sheep, villagers, iron golems, and snow golems. They are fast, they shoot fire balls, and fly a lot. To tame them, you have to calm them down by feeding them raw mutton. You only have to give them mutton once. You then feed them salmon. After feeding them salmon, hearts will appear. This means it is tamed. You can crouch and long-press/right click to make it sit. You can equip them with a saddle to fly them. While riding the Night Fury, you can long-press/right-click with a stick, and that will make it shoot its plasma breath.  Very rarely, after you feed a wild male night fury raw mutton, he will have a red tail fin. 


There are male and female variants of the Night Fury. Males have green eyes, and females have blue eyes. You can breed them with salmon. There is also a rare Toothless variant that the male Night Fury will sometimes become after you feed it raw mutton.






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i'm gonna make toothless fight the ender dragon
can you please make toothless be able to fly on his own, I'm sick of him just falling into holes all over the place, and constantly getting on to him and fly him out and can you also make them swim? they get stuck in rivers. great addon btw I really love the amount of detail it has!
Hi there! Love the mod I was wondering if you could add more dragons from httyd. I think it would be really cool :D
this mod is amazing hands down best mod I have ever gotten
sorry but add some more dragon dude comon bro
im right clicking with a stick but she wont blast that spot. Why? Also can you tell me how to shoot somewhere elce than the block she is on
Will it be getting an update by the way was there for every dragon mod and update u had
Add new dragons
Mainly add
Deadly nadders
Monstrous nightmares
Hideous Zippleabacks
Nightlights(babies if night fury and light fury)(can only be tamed by breeding l8ght fury and night fury)
And light fury
This add-on is akso amazing
Add dragonscale armors too
Add Bewilderbeast singetail deathgrippers and fireworm including fireworm queen
How am i gonna tame it?
Ill give it 5stars if you did
He said give it mutton to calm it down and then tame it with salmon learn to read bro
Really good! but I have a question... how do you fly? I'm on PC and I've been holding space, even tapping it, but it doesn't work
Hi, me again. Can you add the armors and flight suits made from the scales of the tamed dragons?
Also add typhoomerrang, screaming death submerripper, red death and
Could u add a description of the night fury like "The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself never engage this dragon your only hope is pray the gods it does not find you" maybe in the inventory when you open to add