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Published on March 05, 2017 (Updated on March 05, 2017)

The Journey of Life [Adventure]

This beautiful adventure starts you off at your treehouse and leads you through a series of quests which you need your completion. The ultimate goal is to obtain a potion of immortality and be paid enough money to be able to finally build a rooftop pool for your treehouse. It can be played by anywhere between 1 to 9 players and the map is solely an adventure and exploration map so don't expect any battles or player vs. player instances.

Creator: LetsdothisEpic (TwitterYouTube), GamingGorilla52


You've been living in a treehouse for your entire life. You like it up there. It's really close to the marketplace (also known as the mine) and the lake. You really love your treehouse but there is just one thing missing and that's a rooftop pool. But there's a problem, they don't come cheap! Five years, yeah, that's for how long you've spent working to save up for this pool but yet you are still nowhere close to having enough money.

One day when you are out on a stroll an old man stops you. He says that you look like a brave and adventurous human-being and offers to pay you good money in exchange for a potion of immortality which you need to find for him. How much money? Well, it's more than enough to pay for the rooftop pool. You accept the challenge and you begin your journey!


  • Set render distance to minimum
  • Don't break/place blocks unless told otherwise
  • You can take things from the chests
  • Don't kill mobs
  • No PvP



Included in the world are two shader packs. However, none of them are required. You can disable the packs by editing the world settings.

Installation Guides

How do u download the map?
I removed the barriers and use the map as a role-play tree house. ^^
I was reading the signs, and then suddenly, A CREEPER EXPLODED
I was in the Mayor’s House the part where I overhear something.
I think you need to be in peaceful instead of easy?
I spawned on top of the treehouse where there's a chest with a paper named secret number two inside and if I go in the treehouse the sign says go to the mines from the man in the village (something like that) and I don't understand what man in the village bc I started on top of my house. I'm confused on how to start please help
Nevermind I understand where to start at now. Thanks
Chicken noodle soup August 31, 2017 at 12:57 pm
Texture pack very glitchy (for me anyway) but great map:)
I haven't played it yet but it looks awesome! Oh and I have a question are there any monsters because I don't like fighting monsters?.
This was a really nice map! Me and my sister really enjoyed it ?But.... It was too short... Hope you'll add more or make more maps like this in the future! ?
That was a fun map
It would not let me download it right now, but it looks like a cool map.??
Letsdothisepic I found you and your friends name in the maze also 2 secrets
Please make part 2 or more maps but I can't vote cuz I don't have Twitter
Thanks very much if you do

ps: you're awesome like your maps!! ☕️<- immortality potion!
I got stuck on the diamonds one...what do I do after I get the diamonds?
No no never mind I figured it out and I finally got a pool great map 100/10 ?
UnspeakableGamingFan March 18, 2017 at 3:22 am
Awesome map but I'm confused why I need to play on easy and not peaceful
it would have been better if there wernt any invisible blocks cause i wanted to ise that world