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Published on December 07, 2014 (Updated on December 07, 2014)

The Kingdom of Antheia [Creation]

The Kingdom of Antheia is a huge and majestic build with enourmous walls surrounding the key centered castle of the kingdom. Each wall, pillar and even tree is carefully created to make a symmertrical look of the build.

The total size in blocks reaches approximately 250x250 blocks which equalizes the kingdom almost to the same size as the old worlds in Minecraft Pocket Edition used to be in.

As of this point the primarily goal of the map was to create an epic exterior whereas the interior has not yet been focused on.

Creator: TitanX

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Please do a mcworld link
cute but... can u do a McWorld link please I cant play without it T^T
Beautiful me and my sister play on it all the time!
Ah, Death the Kid would be proud. SYMMETRY! (Soul Eater reference)
Can you redo the link to the download of this map? It's not working anymore.
Download link for iOS?