Published on April 17, 2021

The Little Things

This addon isn't really ambitious. I just want to add vanilla-style or simple new aspects to Minecraft. From Weapons made from the souls of the damned to simply more kinds of food. 



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I might update the addon soon but I have a lotta schoolwork to do. Just be patient and even suggest what I should add.
Hey, I've just organized your addon, removed all the unnecessary files left by the AddOns Maker app, also made a few minor code fixes and improvements. If you want me to send you the file you can send me a message through any of my networks, they are in my MCPE DL profile
For this i love you .. nice simple . balanced, fits in well. perfect for gameplay that is rewarding and not too easy to earn. Godbless you.
Just note that coding is very hard.
Uhhhh souls?

Also btw the name doesn’t make sense
This is the most ridiculous addon in the world
Yes, I agree with you. Kindergarten kids can do better
-Note that lifesteal drains the amount of health you heal. If it's 8 hearts, then -8 and so on...
This is sick bro! I wanna, however give a few suggestions:
- Armor made out of the souls (gives you regen 5 for the 1st 3 minutes of wearing and nausea 24 for 10 seconds because you need 24 souls for the armor
- With the armor you can steal the life-force of all entities including bosses but it drains durability (Hold right click for more charged life steal)
- while holding right click
- For 1 second heal half a heart when letting go (1 hp)
- For 2 seconds heal 1 heart when letting go (2 hp)
- For 3 seconds heal 2 hearts when letting go of right click (4 hp)
- For 4 seconds heal 4 hearts when releasing right click then you get night vision for 10 seconds (8 hp)
- For 5 seconds heal 8 hearts after releasing the right click (12 hp) then get strength 4 for 3 seconds with night vision for 10 seconds
- For 6 Seconds Heal all HP then get 6 extra hearts permanently (now 16 hearts)
- For 7 seconds Get 2 more extra hearts then get all the effects of eating an enchanted apple
- For 8 seconds Gain 16 ender pearls, 1 nether star and an unbottled living soul (for crafting soon)

- Soul armor durability: 5800 (-5 durability per second) (Getting damage does not deplete bc duh, souls)
- You can right click with the unbottled living soul then capture it in a bottle (used for super potions)
= Super potions are like vanilla potions, but the effects last FOREVER=
- You can make a super potion by using a bottled living soul instead of a bottle then you make the potions like normal.
- Make mobs drop unbottled living souls every 180 kills (-20 per looting enchant)
- Make the wither drop 3 Unbottled living souls, Bc of 3 wither skulls.
- If you make the level 2 version of the potions while using a bottled living soul, Make it normal duration time (1:30) But the potions are level 15! (the living soul items is hard to get for balance)
The Draining of souls is too complictaed for me. Maybe the Regen could come in the form of Soul Apples made from Golden Apples. For your other suggestions. I'll see it through then.
I might update the addon soon but I have a lotta schoolwork to do. Just be patient and even suggest what I should add.
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HI! i was wondering if you could make a nether fog addon with all of the minecraft fogs but make it to where we can only see 8 blocks in front of us to kinda make it a little more scarier?
I'll try I'm already planning to add stuff to the nether and the end as well. The addon is mostly items to make survival somewhat easier to do in the endgame.
Very Nice Ceaser Chan
I'm glad you're interested. I'm already making plans for the next update(Your pfp tells me you are a man of culture my friend)