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Published on November 06, 2016 (Updated on December 03, 2016)

The Living Dead [Adventure] (Addon)

The Living Dead (most likely inspired by The Walking Dead) is an adventure map using an addon which helps create a more seamless experience in a post-apocalyptic world of zombies. The antidote for this horrible disease is somewhere in the city. It's up to you to go and retrieve it in order to help save the world from this madness.

Creator: RealTnTMaster, CRAFTER-98
Updated: 3 December, 2016 (read changelog)


You slowly open your eyes and as you gradually wake up you find yourself lying in a hospital bed. "Nurse!?" Nobody is answering you. Something isn't right. There's a really bad smell in the room.. something smells rotten. Your memories are slowly getting back and for whatever reason you must get to the roof.

As it's an open world adventure map I highly recommend to read all the signs to understand the storyline as you continue throughout the map.



  • Custom sounds
  • Shop, buy items in-game
  • New items: snowball = molotov, time bomb = egg
  • New mob: white zombies = skeletons
  • Trade with villagers & guards
  • Map updated
  • Addon updated
  • Resource pack updated


The file size for this map is rather big as it includes a world folder, a resource pack and a behavior pack: 65 MB

The time it takes to import is heavily affected by the speed of your Internet connection.

Main Map / Addon Download:

  1. Download .McWorld
  2. Wait patiently for the world to be imported - this can take a long time as it's a big file size!

Click here to download .ZIP!

Important: If it isn't working then try downloading the resource pack (down below) separately and add it to your global resources.

Optional Downloads:

You can also download the resource pack / behavior pack here. If you download the .McWorld / .ZIP file above then you don't need to download these:

If the creator sees this message please contact us here. We had to create a new .McWorld file because the one you provided didn't work!

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4.38 / 5 (8 votes)
make the texture pakk availeble for any world plzzz
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Guest-1582161962 May 31, 2020 at 2:23 am
pls update it to 1.14.. or i will remake this cool :))
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Remake! Please I really hope you do
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Update idea:why not add crawling zombies... If that got added it would be epic
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May i play it withmy friends
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Also some people got typos writing a comment...
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This is cool btw took me 2 days to download,the heck!?
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Sorry I mean the add-ons you used
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Can you give me the address you used.
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Nice map and it took 20-30 seconds to download(I use iOS iPad with the 11th update)
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This is the cradle of modern addon society (?)
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Hay creator of this map the grass has this weird red and green stuff on it did the grass have this befour or is this a messed up tester for the grass just FYI but can you fix this please thanks
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Dude it has pixel reality on this map+its got this realy annoying bug when you looking in invitory on Deacorations my minecraft shuts down plz fix it
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Hey I read the signs can I Getta link to the second one or is it not out yet
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I love this map it has a great storyline and the buildings were nicely mad please make more maps like this in the future.
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Hey um can you please update this it doesn't display heart and hunger now unless in a glittery way and it's hard to tell what my things are at so please update
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? put in the description how to spawn soldiers or guards pls
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