The Lost City

The lost city is a classic adventure map in which you are an adventure arachnologist called in to explore the mythical ruins of the lost city. But as you adventure the city something is amiss. You must survive traps and monsters to find the treasure, good luck, join our discord for epic prizes, info and more ¬-

Below-After landing at the jungle edge you walk to the camp site

below-Arriving at the lost city, city gates, something fishy is going on....??????????

below-a old and destroyed building in the lost city

below-an EPIC fight scene(trust me it gets WAY MORE INTENSE, good luck, like WAY WAY more intense)


Click on the link

continue to adfly

go to adfly

wait 5 seconds

deny any "notification" requests

press the large skip ad button

wait 25 secondsish ( wait for 4 redirects)


click the "click me' button

go to media fire

press the large green button

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3.5 / 5 (2 votes)
I loved the storyline but the builds felt too plain and i could see the command blocks and undiscovered parts of the maps as well.
Yes sorry the builds where rushed to help progress the story. sorry i will endeavour to take more time on the build. thanks for the feedback, Please feel free to join our discord and provide more wonderful feedback, truly that feedback was very helpful and i would love to hear more!