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Published on February 16, 2015 (Updated on February 16, 2015)

The Maze Runner [Minigame] [Adventure]

The Maze Runner is a timed, hardcore, survivalist and adventure map. The map is inspired by the movie where the players have to test their skills of survival.

Creator: KoolGhettoKid

How does it work?

The world itself might look quite ordinary if you were to forget about the enormous walls that surround the ordinary world. After a 22 minutes the walls will fall and show the huge maze. As soon as you enter it the next question is how long will you be able to survive?


  • In the map there are three hidden chests. These chests can be found in the ordinary map so make sure to find them before entering the maze.
  • You will know that you are reaching the end when you are seeing the Enderman.
  • Always destroy the monster spawners for a better chance of surviving.
  • Craft the key from mob droppings.


  • Don't break any walls
  • Set render distance on at least 50%
  • Play on peaceful only to when the walls fall down
  • We recommend to play this map together with others but you can also play it alone.

Did you like this map? Check out Maze Runner 2 (now powered by redstone)!

Download Map .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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This is cool.
Avery thing ( pig, zombie...) runs supper fast, is that right or is this a bug.
Because this world are so old
I play minecraft on my iPad pocket edition and I was wondering if there was a seed
No. A custom Minecraft map cannot be recreated using a seed. Unless you want to rebuild the entire map from scratch.
If u want for android press download mcworld and then when it says responding wait and then press open in minecraft
When I put the red sand in the generator nothing happens plz help! By the way my version is 1.0.4
Same here. Nothing happens. So I broke the gravel wall, walked past the two signs and jumped down the hole to begin. Hope this is okay and did not brake the map.
Still playing a.t.m. and the walls have not yet come down...
That’s because the train car is stuck you need to pouch the car than the walls are coming down
Why after i download with zip it have 4 version maze runner and i want to know hot to dowload it iknow how but why is 4 version how can i choose 1 version and this is ios iphone 5
Dude I'm playing 1.0.1 and it doeatn work in the beginning when the nether reactor is there
How can i get bed?
uh......the animals r crazy..........
your site need improvement on your importing. I have been waiting almost an hour for it to load. It's not very good. I want to download this map.
It's all a matter of your internet connection.
The maze door does not work
How many minutes does the walls come down since I'm staring to play the map?
When I click download it makes me do it with Dropbox
When I do that it won't let me download it
I'm on iOS