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Published on April 23, 2018 (Updated on April 23, 2018)

The Monster Arena 2.0 [Minigame] [Survival]

The Monster Arena 2.0 is a beautiful remake of the original The Monster Arena. It has a ton of improved old and new features. Such as a new monster for you to fight, shops, custom armors, humongous arena, and much more!

In the middle of a vast desert, an old arena stands. Legends have it that the arena is cursed, anyone who enters the arena will be attacked by hordes of endless monsters. Warriors from all over the world came to the arena to test their power. You, a brave warrior, challenge yourself to enter the arena...

Creator: GoldenEnergy TeamTwitter Account
Updated: 28 April, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

When you first started the map, it is recommended for you to collect your Daily Loot to obtain a headstart. Daily Loot is a loot that you get daily (Minecraft time). Make sure you talk to every single villager that there is to understand the map completely.

To fight monsters, go into the entrance in the right, to watch a battle, go to the entrance in the middle. Follow the path of each entry as you go. In the fight entrance, you will see a red line when you want to open the gate, pass the red line to open the gate automatically and a battle will start. When a battle has started, players couldn't join the arena until the battle ends. The battle ends when no one is left in the arena.

When a battle starts, you cannot escape, you will need to fight the monsters until you die. By fighting monsters, you will gain coins. Coins can be used to buy stronger weapons, greater armors, and tasty foods.

Monster Descriptions

Mini Mutant Zombie (Replaces Husk)

  • The Mini Mutant Zombie is a 4 handed zombie with spikes. It is the most common monster that you will encounter in the arena and usually spawns in a horde. It acts like a normal zombie but doesn't burn in sunlight.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Weakness: Mutant Creeper explosion and swords.

Mutant Zombie (Replaces Zombie)

  • The Mutant Zombie is a larger version of a Mini Mutant Zombie. It summons Mini Mutant Zombies by throwing their eggs at the player. Mutant Zombie rarely attacks the player.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Weakness: Bow and fast sword attacks.

Mutant Creeper

  • The Mutant Creeper has the same behavior as a Vanilla Minecraft Creeper. The only differences are they're larger and has a stronger explosion. They can be used to clear a horde of monsters, but can also be very dangerous.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Weakness: Fast sword attacks.

Lapis Monster (Replaces Stray & Skeleton)

  • The Lapis Monster, just like its name, it is a lapis block. When it feels threatened, it will transform into its 2nd form, a blue, fast-moving monster. When you're at a certain distance, it will transform back into its 1st form.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Weakness: Bow and fast sword attacks while in 1st form

Wolf Golem (Replaces Iron Golem)

  • If you are unlucky enough, you will encounter the Wolf Golem. It doesn't take knockbacks but knocks you to the sky instead. It sometimes attacks other monsters (Except Mutant Creeper), you can use this as an advantage to attack the Wolf Golem from behind.
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Weakness: Bow and sword attacks from behind.

If you are interested in challenging yourself or your friends to fight monsters, this map is a must!



  • Fixed an issue where you could not purchase a Diamond Sword and a Diamond Chestplate from the shop.


Installation Guides

oh and if ur wondering y u can't trade coins put it in the crafting menu it explains
I can't start fighting it won't let me
xXLeon_26Asriel92Xx April 17, 2021 at 5:28 pm
How can I get the addon of the map when I remove it it is uninstalled automatically oh insist a version of the map but without the map with the addon alone?
xXLeon_26Asriel92Xx April 17, 2021 at 5:21 pm
Puedes sacar el addon de el mundo quiero tenerlo porfa puedes ponerlo por separado
can you make this a direct link because it wants me to allow notifications to continue and i dont want to and i can't get past the adfly (i hate adfly)
This game is buggy, you can’t trade villagers with coins no more, and the mobs are mixed up. Plz fix, thank u :)
Why are the husks zombies? And why can’t you trade coins with villagers?
Ya you cant trade
I play the game without the resource pack and behaviour because it doesn't let me play is says "Checking download". pls fix it
Seriously if you want to set the game to creative turn of command block minecraft nubs...
I can’t buy stuff with the coin, it seems like they’re bones, or the Behavior and resource pack is broken and isnt’ working.
This looks great, but your link keeps taking me to an unskippable ad. Meaning
I can't download this. I'm sorry, but you need to fix your links other people aren't going to be able to use this.
If you get to first part, you'll have to wait around 5 secs, then the skip all will appear, it will redirect you to the download site, if it doesn't redirect you, it will take you to another site, it will ask you to press allow, press block and wait around 15-20secs, then you'll have to wait another 10-15 secs, then it'll direct you to the site?
no market and command block not function and coin is no trade
how do you add the villager trades
Hey, GoldenEnergy, May I use the arena for another Form of Command Block Creation, All Credit goes to you, I Promise!!!
Ok, I take back what I said because I can't set the gamemode to creative.
yeah playing right is bad