Published on July 16, 2021

The Moopkin Cow Add-On

Introduction: Do you want a cow that spawns a lot, tameable, clingy, and a parody on the Moobloom but is tameable and VERY friendly?Well, pick up the Moopkin today!Release TrailerI got the link working this time :D


The moopkin is a cow covered in pumpkins all around its body. It can be found in any place a normal animal spawns, and they’re quite common too!

Basic Information:

Moopkins act like a normal vanilla cow, but when killed drops a special kind of meat called “Moopkin Meat”. When you eat it raw you gain hunger and nausea for 12 seconds.

They’re so common you might even see them underground! 

Drops and Features:

However, if you decide to cook it and eat it, (Don’t know why you would cook it and NOT eat it.) you gain regeneration for a couple seconds. It can be cooked in any normal station you regularly make food in.

when milked, you get a special kind of milk called “Moopkin Milk” which inflicts Regeneration III for 10 seconds.



if you have an UNALTERED Pumpkin in your inventory, you can tame the Moopkin and it will follow you around. Kind of like a clingy ex, she will follow you aggressively And not leave you alone. The only way to make him stop in his tracks is to leash him.



Developers Notes:

  • Fun fact, this is technically a re-release of this mob. A while back I made this mob sort of as a joke and gave it away on my Instagram. But since I came on here I thought it would be fun to rebirth it with new features. (And fixes!)


  • Again, want to thank anyone stopping by and checking this out! 


  • Please feel free to review this addon with thoughts or criticism, it only helps me in the future!


  • Created in 1.17.2, so it should work in 1.17 and below.


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Would be really cool if a stem that came from her head and made a single pumpkin grow on her back
Could be a neat way to farm pumpkins without spending a thousand of observers
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