The Moopkin | v2.0 Update - New Armor + RIDEABLE! |

Are you bored of the current pets of Minecraft? Too boring? Too chill?  They stop following you when you tell them to? Imagine! I introduce to you: The Moopkin! A naturally spawning friendly cow that will join you on your adventures!

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Update v2.0 Release.

  • Fixed the link for the release trailer.
  • New Release Trailer
  • Brand new model to lovingly stare at.
  • Retextured every item. Now everything looks less retextured. 
  • Added a riding ability along with new armor.
  • new information about the addon.


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Thanks :)
Would be really cool if a stem that came from her head and made a single pumpkin grow on her back
Could be a neat way to farm pumpkins without spending a thousand of observers