Published on April 15, 2017 (Updated on April 15, 2017)

The Neighborhood [Creation]

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please fix the MC.WORLD link please
Guest-5638451601 May 19, 2020 at 5:15 pm
FIX THE MC.WORLD LINK please ???????
AND IT GAVE AN VIRUS so i used windows security
i added a car mod with this map so it looks like an actual city!
bro your mcworld link almost gave me a viris thanks a lot I know I spelled that wrong but whatever
Umm. Hey dont have floors
Editor can you fix the mcworld really want this map
Everyone! If you have issues downloading, read THIS! Firstly, download the zip file. Next open it in any file app you use. Decompress it and select the file and copy it. Then go back and search up 'minecraft' and find minecraftWorlds. Go in it and paste your map! Voila!
Hi Raiyna, do we search “Minecraft In files?” Will this work in files? Thx
Fix the links plz
Ionlycommentwhenitbreaks February 15, 2019 at 10:43 am
..I wanted to use this for a series , Fix the Link.
So…Like everyone else…I can’t download it
Just Get The ZIP, Copy It To Documents, Rename It From ZIP To Mcworld, And boom
So i figured out how to download the file and it looks amazing from the outside but when you go in the houses there isnt even a floor done. Only like a few houses have a floor and staircase. I thought these houses were going to be amazing even if they didnt have furniture but im honestly so disappointed. At least finish the floors before you put out a map please.
My dude, fix the mcworld link please.
Is it ok if I use this for a Minecraft movie I will give credits to you
This looks super great but I can’t download it so if anyone can help me that would be great