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Published on April 23, 2015 (Updated on April 23, 2015)

The NXUS Modern City [Creation]

The NXUS Modern City is a futuristic city designed in a white theme. Here and there we can see colors such as blue and green to break the otherwise white theme which is a great improvement of the city. In the map you will find everything from a big campus with apartment complexes to public parks with beautiful flowers and fountains.

The city was the first one NXUS created and we can see a drastic increase in his incredible building skills in his later build commonly known as the Modern Architecture Series. The NXUS Modern City is still one of the best looking futuristic cities with an incredible attention to detail both on the outside but especially if you have a look at the interiors.

Creator: NXUS

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(Map name in-game: the city.)

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Why every time I try and download a map it says “import failed” it used to be so easy.
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Can you please add it for Mc. And I can’t wait to play this
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I love downloading from this website!
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I Love the world, But Its Set To Old So I Cant Explore The Rest, Which Is Very Disappointing, Please Fix, But everything else is prefect! ?
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Please make this map for iOS too (mcworld) it looks amazing
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You can get a .mcworld download here:
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Can you make a mcworld file please
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Good one ! I love it ???
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