Published on January 07, 2018 (Updated on January 07, 2018)

The Orange [Parkour]

Installation Guides

Unfortunately, on my chrome browser the deny adfly button seems to not work. :( Gotta download from other source. (I'm on mobile.)
Me too google doesn’t works so I’m using safari now.
Good map! Harder than advertised tho. I did complete it and it was good fun!
Me and my friends raged
you said it was good for beginners. this is so hard tho :(
Wooooooooow amazing
This is such an awesome map
Awesome map is was a little bit easier because I did it on Windows 10 but it took about 35 mins for me to complete it but shoutout to the map creator BlackZero hope you make more awesome maps! :)
Lord of the Ice Foxes February 07, 2018 at 1:47 pm
Was great! I saw the relating title to the white parkour which I LOVED. And I realized oh yay! BlackZero! But, unfortunately this was to hard for me! But, fantastic! Download recommend!
When I go onto the world it says that there’s a resource pack that I have to download. Where do I get that specific one?
Hmm this won’t work! I’ve tried to download it but I doesn’t work!
amzing luv it
This is a really nice parkour map. I have a nice video tour where I blow it all up with tnt. Anyone interested can check it out here . This map is totally cool, worth a download for sure! Great job on this one creator!