The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure]

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Hope this is good ya'll!
It amazing i wish there was a texture pack ??
I don't understand the last part of defeating Alis!
This is really scary...
nothing in the chests.
Bu haritayı bir youtuberdan görmüştüm birkaç sene önce sonunda buldum *-* Emeğine sağlık
I need the resorce pack link plz
You can download it from my website:
Can the texture be downloaded separately?, its so cool
I remember dantdm playing this I kept my face as far away from the screen as possible and almost screamed when he touched the fence
Is this map for multiplayer as well?
Multiplayer is not supported currently.
Im on a beta. Can it still work??
I Can Not Find Anything Please Fix This! All The Chest Is Empty!
Hi, I released the final version on July 27. If you read ... (I released the final version on July 27)... after the changelog there is an Installation text and after it's write: You have to play beta version of Minecraft or or if not... then nothing in the chests and no paintings on the wall.
This was kinda boring