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Published on June 05, 2015 (Updated on June 05, 2015)

The Palace [Puzzle]

In this map you will adventure into an ancient palace. What you didn't know before entering was that nobody has ever found the way out of the palace.

The fun thing about the challenge is that the each exit which leads to a new room are hidden and you have to work hard to find them. It takes a bit of tinkering before understanding each room and how to find your way out.

Creators: Jaco and Rick (The Alterna Crew)


The objective is to find the hints necessary to escape what seems to be a cursed palace where anyone who enters is trapped. If you find your way out you should also be able to find the king.


  • Play in survival mode
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Don't break blocks unless told so

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This was so easy. Took me about 7 minutes.
Can you please use the link as download link?
It's the way we keep track of our downloads.
This is the right link:
you can also use the dropbox link (reaction above)
Of course. We always try to use the right links. Somehow this time we slipped. Thanks for letting us know.
Can you please refer to the video we created for this map?
This is the link:
(ps. I'm Rick, one of the creators)
how to upload a map ... can you give me a link
Bruh I Can't get it
Can u download it if you have apple instead of android???
Yes, sure. Here's a guide how to do it:
DO u have to jailbreaked?
No, just use this guide:
Sorry but the link is not working :/
It does, but you need to download the Mega app to download it. It's quickly done and a pretty good app to have anyways.
I got Mega just for this, activated it, and can't download this map. Help please?
Here are two guides:

iOS devices:
Android devices:
you guys are AWESOME